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Computer & Technology Fair 2018 Connecting USU.  April 10, 2018 starting at 10 am in the TSC Ballroom.  Free food.  Enter to win.

Welcome to the 2018 USU Computer & Technology Fair | April 10, 2018

Come and interact with industry leaders. Learn about cutting-edge technologies, find creative solutions to your every day challenges and innovative ways to connect to each other and the world.  Plus you have the chance to win prizes!

More than 800 faculty, staff, and students are expected to attend this year’s Computer & Technology Fair. The theme of the event, which is sponsored by the Office of Information Technology, is “Connecting USU.”

The fair will draw major national players in the tech market and trusted local companies giving them the opportunity to showcase their offerings and best deals for USU. In addition, several USU departments will have booths set up where representatives will be available to answer questions.

Faculty & Staff

Need to buy several laptops for your department, a durable copier or new printer to replace that one that’s always breaking down? Even if you want a new pair of headphones, a tablet or a camera, you can find the products and services you are looking for at the Fair.


Some of the companies may sell giant copiers or laptops in bulk but you’d be surprised the kinds of cool, unexpected stuff and deals you can find if take time to explore each website. Company blogs offer surprising insights and while exploring you might discover job leads others will miss.


Make connections with USU faculty, staff and students. Share your products and services through hands-on demonstrations, video presentations, and on-site interviews highlighting the reason your company has what it takes to connect USU.